Tactical Semi-Auto

Our Pardus Model semi-automatic and pump action shotguns are donated with different options to answer the requirements of personal defense, defense and law enforcement authorities.We are offering a new concept with our semi-auto and pump action models for defense and law enforcement purposes.High capacity magazine tubes, easy targeting sight systems, multi purpose weaver rails, holders, flash hider and different stock options provide many tactical advantages to the defense and law enforcement staff.

Gauge : 12/76 (3”)
Barrel : 35 cm (14”) up to 71 cm (28”)
System : Gas Operated, Front Spring
Magazine Capacity : 4+1, 7+1, 9+1, 10+1
Choke : Interchangable, Fixed OR Flash Hide
Receiver : Aluminum Alloy
RIB : Toprib, Adjustable, Cooler Jacket, Ghost Ring, Picattiny Rail
Stock : Short Pistol Grip, Long Pistol Grip, Side Folding, Side Folding Telescopic,Top Folding Telescopic, Standard
Finish : Synthetic, Camouflage or Marine
Weight : 2.300 – 3.200 gr. (Depends on Barrel & Accessories)