Side by side shotguns are produced with extractor and auto ejector only in 12 gauge at the moment with silver and black receiver finish alternatives as well offered with high and sunken middle rib. Being offered with inter-changeable choke system as well fixed choke barrels are available for different hunting and shooting purposes. We also offer coachgun with fixed choke barrel or interchangeable chokes as short from up to 18” (47cm) barrel

Gauge : 12/76 (3”)
Barrel : 76 cm (30”) / 71 cm (28”) / 66 cm (26”) / 61 cm (24”) / 55 cm (22”) / 51 cm (20″)
Trigger : Single Selective
Choke : Interchangable or Fixed
Receiver : Steel; Black, Silver or Engraving
Ejectors : Ejector
RIB : High or Sunken
Stock : Standard or English Style
Finish : Glossy or Matte
Weight : 2.900 – 3.300 gr. (Depends on Barrel Length)

Optional Extras: –Extended choke set– Oil finish stock set –Higher grade walnut stock sets. –Hand Engraving

SKU Gauge Barrel Sight Stock Choke
D112E30 12 76cm-30″ High Walnut M.Choke
D112E28 12 71cm-28″ High Walnut M.Choke
D112E26 12 66cm-26″ High Walnut M.Choke
D112E24 12 61cm-24″ Sunken Walnut Slug
D112E22 12 56cm-22″ Sunken Walnut Slug
D112E20 12 51cm-20″ Sunken Walnut Slug