System; Back spring system, gas piston with an action pipe instead of action bar.The new semi auto Pardus SX is a back spring system. What makes this model different is an action pipe used instead of a action bar for deactivating the lock. This system provides a stronger action capability to acept high pressure loads without any risk of breakages can be seen in action bar systems.Pardus SX is available only in 12 gauge at the moment. Comes in Turkish walnut stock set, balck synthetic stock set and with different camo patterns.

Pardus SX comes with alternative magazine capacities 4+1, 7+1 and 9+1.

Gauge : 12/76 (3”)
Barrel : 76 cm (30”) / 71 cm (28”) / 66 cm (26”) / 61 cm (24”)
System : Back Spring – Gas Operated NEW!!! Action Pipe System
Magazine Capacity : 4+1, 7+1, 9+1, 10+1
Choke : Interchangable or Fixed
Receiver : Aluminum Alloy
RIB : 8mm or Adjustable
Stock : Standard or Long Pistol Grip
Finish : Walnut, Synthetic or Camouflage
Weight : 2.800 – 3.100 gr. (Depends on Barrel Length)

Optional Extras: –Marine Finish –Shim Kit –Different Receiver Color Finish –Extended choke set –Oil finish stock set

SKU Gauge Barrel Sight Stock Choke
S512A30 12 76 cm-30″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke
S512A28 12 71 cm-28″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke
S512A26 12 66 cm-26″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke
S512A24 12 61 cm-24″ Adjustable Walnut Slug
S512S30 12 76 cm-30″ 8mm Rib Synthetic M.Choke
S512S28 12 71 cm-28″ 8mm Rib Synthetic M.Choke
S512S26 12 66 cm-26″ 8mm Rib Synthetic M.Choke
S512S24 12 61 cm-24″ Adjustable Synthetic Slug
S512C30 12 76 cm-30″ 8mm Rib Camo M.Choke
S512C28 12 71 cm-28″ 8mm Rib Camo M.Choke
S512C26 12 66 cm-26″ 8mm Rib Camo M.Choke
S512C24 12 61 cm-24″ Adjustable Camo Slug