Pardus pump action hunting and home and personal defense shotguns point the safety and safe shooting. Our pump action models PA/PS/PC are produced in 12 & 20 gauges currently and Pardus PX only in 12 gauge which provides you a safe, sure and conscious shooting while hunting, at your home or workplace.Besides wooden stock set and synthetic black stock set alternatives comes with marine (silver finish) and different camouflage coating patterns.Pardus pump action shotguns are as useful as defense purpose, for hunting with long barrels carrying a hunting purpose top rib all with wood, synthetic and camouflage coating types.

Gauge : 12/76 (3”), 20/76 (3”)
Barrel : 76 cm (30”) / 71 cm (28”) / 66 cm (26”) / 61 cm (24”)
System : Manuel Pump
Magazine Capacity : 4+1, 7+1, 9+1, 10+1
Choke : Interchangable or Fixed
Receiver : Aluminum Alloy
RIB : 8mm or Adjustable
Stock : Standard or Long Pistol Grip
Finish : Walnut, Synthetic or Camouflage
Weight : 2.800 – 3.100 gr. (Depends on Barrel Length)

Optional Extras: –Marine Finish –Shim Kit –Different Receiver Color Finish –Extended choke set

SKU Gauge Barrel Sight Stock Choke
P112A28 12 71 cm-28″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke
P112A26 12 66 cm-26″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke
P112A24 12 61 cm-24″ Adjustable Walnut Slug
P120A28 20 71 cm-28″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke
P120A26 20 66 cm-26″ 8mm Rib Walnut M.Choke